Our Prices*

Our Prices*

Initial consultation - FREE!

An initial assessment will be performed.


Treatment options and potential fees will be discussed.

This can either be a face to face meeting or a telephone / video-consultation - your choice!

New consultation plus duplex scan (both legs)

A detailed history and examination of your leg veins will be performed including a duplex scan of one or both legs to clarify the venous anatomy and sites of venous reflux.


A duplex scan of your leg veins before treatment is recommended by NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence).


Vein Specialists consider a duplex scan to be absolutely essential before discussing the potential treatment options and strategy as well as determining the costs of treatment. It is the only way of being certain about the best treatment for your leg veins before actually embarking on any treatment.


Please be wary of clinics that avoid this step in order to reduce the initial costs.


The treatment options and treatment strategy will be discussed in detail.

The costs of treatment will also be determined at this stage.

Ultrasound-guided Foam Sclerotherapy package
£1,500 (one leg); £2,750 (both legs)

These are package prices that include:


- 2 treatments (one leg) or 3 treatments (both legs);


- follow-up with duplex scan at 2-4 weeks and again 6 months after treatment;

- needle aspiration of clotted blood from treated veins where necessary;


- re-treatment of veins up to 6 months following initial treatment if necessary.

compression stocking and waterproof over-stocking

Additional sessions of Foam sclerotherapy
£450 / session

If you have very extensive and/or large varicose veins you may require more sessions of foam sclerotherapy than allowed for in the package fee. Ultrasound-guidance is used to perform foam injections into residual veins.

£300 / session

Thread ​vein injections will be performed by Mr Simon Ashley. The sessions are 30 minutes long during which 100-plus injections may be performed! The number of sessions will depend on the extent of your leg veins. Typically patients will have 2 - 4 sessions of treatment over as many weeks.

Ultrasound-guidance will be used to inject underlying "feeder" veins.

Other options
New Consultation

Non-package. Detailed consultation and physical examination. Opinion given before proceeding to duplex scan for venous and arterial problems

Follow-up consultation

Non-package. Follow up consultation to discuss treatment options, test results, or to check on progress after treatment when not included in package fee

Radiofrequency Ablation

Includes RFA procedure, duplex scan, tumescent anaesthesia, compression stocking

No longer offered
Surgical ligation, stripping and phlebectomies

* Please note these prices are for patients seen and treated at Wood Clinic, Plymouth, and are indicative in the vast majority of cases but may vary in particular circumstances.  Prices may vary for patients seen and treated at Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital due to different fees charged by the hospital. We will always provide you with a detailed breakdown of the fees before any commitment is required.

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