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Plymouth Veins, Devon

at Wood Clinic, Plymouth Science Park

Plymouth Veins is a private specialist medical practice founded by Mr Simon Ashley, Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Vein Specialist. The practice is based at the Wood Clinic, Plymouth Science Park, and offers "state of the art" facilities. Patients can also be seen and treated at Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital. The clinics are situated just north of the city and easily accessible by road for patients living in Devon and Cornwall or elsewhere in the South West.


If you have been turned down for NHS treatment we can help!


We offer free initial mini-consultations. These are usually conducted by phone or video conference.


Please contact us for availability and bookings.


We are dedicated to the treatment of varicose veins and thread veins using the latest non-surgical techniques.

Most varicose vein treatments are literally "walk-in, walk-out" with little, if any, discomfort. 


We treat all types of varicose veins problems whether it is purely for cosmetic reasons or more severe symptoms or complications including chronic venous insufficiency causing skin problems or leg ulceration. Patients who may require non-sclerotherapy or surgical treatment will be offered these treatments at Nuffield Health Plymouth Hospital.


Initially a detailed assessment of your varicose veins or thread veins will be made by consultation and physical examination. This will be followed by hand-held Doppler assessment (a very basic ultrasound test) and in virtually all cases a colour venous duplex scan (a detailed vascular ultrasound test) will be arranged before making a final decision regarding the optimal treatment. The latter is an essential component of the management of most patients with varicose veins in order to clarify the venous anatomy and sites of venous incompetence (leaky valves in the veins, also called "reflux") as well as to check on the integrity of the deeper veins before embarking on any treatment.

We treat the following conditions:

Thread veins or spider veins on the legs or face

Hand veins

Foot veins

Arm veins

Varicose veins

Recurrent veins

Varicose pigmentation, eczema or inflammation



Chronic venous insufficiency

Leg ulcers

Labial / pelvic veins

Pelvic congestion syndrome

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