Treatments we offer

Foam Sclerotherapy

Simple, low-cost, fast, virtually painless and highly effective, chemical obliteration, walk-in, walk-out treatment

Endovenous Laser

Thermal ablation using laser catheter, local anaesthetic, walk-in, walk-out treatment 

Radiofrequency Ablation

Thermal ablation using radio frequency (RFA) catheter, local anaesthetic, walk-in, walk-out treatment 

VenaSeal Closure

No longer offered


Treatment using mechano-chemical ablation catheter, minimal discomfort, walk-in, walk-out


Micro-injection of spider and thread veins on the legs, excellent results and virtually painless


We perform vein stripping and micro-phlebectomy if necessary. However, this is rarely required

Liquid Sclerotherapy

Conventional sclerotherapy for reticular veins if underlying venous reflux has been excluded or treated

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