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Our Prices*

Initial Consultation

This will be a detailed assessment of your leg veins and medical history, physical examination and hand-held Doppler test

Doctor Using Digital Tablet
Duplex Scan 

Detailed scan of your leg veins to clarify venous anatomy, vein diameters and sites of reflux. This is ESSENTIAL before any treatment is planned. Please be wary of clinics who avoid this step

from £200 (one leg)
Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 11.54.09.png
Foam Sclerotherapy
£1,495 (package price)

Includes the treatment, duplex scan, compression stocking, follow up consultation with duplex scan, unplanned top-up treatment if required for up to 6 months after initial treatment

X-Ray Results
Follow up Consultation

Discussion of scan results, treatment options and detailed consent for any procedures

£295 per session

Micro-injection of spider veins and reticular veins. 30 minute session. Includes use of ultrasoundVeinLite and compression stockings

ClosureFast Procedure 3 Step Illustratio
Radiofrequency Ablation

Includes RFA procedure, duplex scan, tumescent anaesthesia, compression stocking

Clarivein 1.jpg
VenaSeal Dispenser Hand High Res - COPYR
Surgical ligation, stripping and phlebectomies

* Please note these prices are indicative in the vast majority of cases but may vary in particular circumstances.  We will always provide you with a detailed breakdown of the fees before any commitment is required.

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